DESOI w.i.l.m.a. - Z

Flyer - DESOI w.i.l.m.a.
  • Cementitious materials up to grain size 8 mm
  • Works well with most pump types and brands
  • Easy to clean
  • Carriage for easy portability
  • You can find more information on the application and process techniques with the DESOI w.i.l.m.a. in the STUVA ABI leaflet "Sealing of structures by injection", 4th edition - Part III/1.3.2 from p. 57.
Materiał wejściowy
  • injection mortar
  • cement paste
  • cement suspension
Dane techniczne
supply voltage (adjustable ex works) 110 - 230 V/ 0.5 ampere
storage type digitally on tablet
data transfer WLAN
measuring range - volume max. 100 l/ min
measuring range - pressure 0 - 40 bar
measurement accuracy ± 2 %
weight - control cabinet 8.62 kg
weight - tablet 0.68 kg
weight 40 kg
L x W x H - control cabinet 30 x 19 x 33 cm
L x W x H - tablet 22 x 14.5 x 2 cm
L x W x H 65 x 55 x 110 cm
Opis produktu
The DESOI w.i.l.m.a. - Z was conceived to monitor and record injection processes with cementitious materials. It can be combined with all corresponding DESOI injection devices as well as with products of other manufacturers. The DESOI w.i.l.m.a. - Z can be used for different water-cement mixes and is simple to clean using a cleaning ball. It monitors and records the material consumption and injection pressure.
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