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DESOI AirPower M35-3C VA

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  • All material contacting parts of stainless steel
  • Big material passages
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Fixed mixing ratio 1 : 1 - continuously electronically monitored
  • You can find more information on the application and process techniques with the DESOI w.i.l.m.a. in the STUVA ABI leaflet "Sealing of structures by injection", 4th edition - Part III/1.3.2 from p. 57.
Materiał wejściowy
  • acrylate gel
Dane techniczne
working pressure - infinitely variable 5 - 120 bar
delivery rate
- with air performance of 0,7 m³/min (2 x compressor V-Meko 400) max. 10 l/min
- with air performance of 1.3 m³/min max. 13 l/min
air consumption min. 0.5 m³/min
transmission ratio 1:15
mixing ratio 1:1
air pressure max. 8 bar
weight - control cabinet 8.62 kg
weight - tablet 0.68 kg
weight 85 kg
L x W x H - control cabinet 30 x 19 x 33 cm
L x W x H - tablet 22 x 14.5 x 2 cm
L x W x H 77 x 55 x 112 cm
rinsing pump
working pressure - infinitely variable 7 - 220 bar
delivery rate 5 l/min
transmission ratio 1:28
Opis produktu
The combination DESOI w.i.l.m.a. and DESOI AirPower M35-3C VA is ideal for injection work with acrylic gel. The piston pump achieves a delivery rate of max. 13 l/min at a mixing ratio of 1:1 and is equipped with a separate rinsing pump. The sealing sets inside are protected by an integrated spring pre-tensioned, manual re-tensioning is not necessary. DESOI w.i.l.m.a. monitors and documents the material consumption, the injection pressure and the mixing ratio.
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