DESOI PowerMix BRW-50

  • Gentle mixing without air intake (no foaming)
  • Uniform material mixing throughout the material container - no manual action required
  • Easy decanting and emptying due to tilt mechanism
  • Mobile, compact, lightweight
  • Powerful
Materiał wejściowy
  • injection mortar
  • cement paste
  • sealing slurries
  • fine filler
Dane techniczne
Supply 230 V
Motor power 1,3 kW
Speed - infinitely variable 250 - 580 U/min
Filling height 86 cm
Weight 20 kg
L x W x H - working position 53 x 60 x 121 cm
L x W x H - transport 53 x 60 x 95 cm
Opis produktu
The mobile mixer DESOI PowerMix BRW-50 is equipped with a cone agitator. The flow pattern produced by the special design of the cone agitator provides a uniform and gentle mixing of the material without air intake throughout the material container. The tilt mechanism allows an uncomplicated decanting of the material and easy emptying of the material container.
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